Recreational Opportunities

Plumas County is the place where wilderness is untouched. Natural beauty is etched in the snow-capped peaks and towering pines. It is a four-season travel destination with fresh mountain air to invigorate you, and pristine, blue waters to refresh you.

Venture out into the wild and wander through the forests with wild gardens of varied blooms.  Whether you’re a new visitor to Plumas County or a returning, there’s something new to discover with each experience.

With a landscape so diverse, you can easily find yourself exploring the mountain ranges and shining summits that ascend skyward, only to marvel at the contrast below. With wide-open pastoral valleys dotted with farmlands and dairy, Plumas County is truly a Wilderness of Wonders.

Explore Plumas County

Come visit Plumas County, it’s your outdoor wonderland with some of the best dining, lodging, golf courses and boutique shopping in the High Sierra.

Plumas County, a Wilderness of Wonders.SM