Plumas County's forests are what set us apart from other locales, brimming with rushing streams, breathtaking views, and cool shady valleys where herds of deer nibble the grass as birdsong fills the air. Nowhere else will you find the peace and simplicity of life in the woods quite as we have it here.

The majority of Plumas County consists of national forest land, creating a buffer zone of natural, undisturbed beauty between life here and the hectic noise of crowded spaces elsewhere. If there is one thing you can count on from a visit to Plumas County, it is that you will not be living, camping, or hiking cheek-by-jowl with swarms of tourists.

The Plumas National Forest accounts for the largest part of national forest land in the county, with parts of Lassen National Forest and Tahoe National Forest taking up the rest.

Enchanted Forests

Plumas National Forest was established in 1905 by President Theodore Roosevelt and has been managed by the Forest Service ever since. Visit the Forest Service website for information on land use rules, permits, and maps.

For detailed information and reviews of campsites on national forest land, as well as a more detailed account of the forest's history, visit the US National Forest Camping Guide.